Bars and Day One

7 Jun

Whoa it’s been a hectic couple of days!  First I want to tell you all about Saturday night.  It was my first time going into downtown Fort Worth, which is freaking huge by the way.  We went to this bar called “Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.”  The name pretty much describes it.  After paying the ridiculous $8 cover fee you head upstairs where the sitting area is enormous and on stage are two pianos facing one another and two players going back forth.  The players sometimes played popular songs, other times folkier songs and for about 25 minutes they had a ‘battle of the sexes.’  I found this last shtick entertaining until I began to realize how stupid everyone was.  The concept behind the battle was whichever player had the most in tips got to play a song (to the tune of ‘home on the range’) making fun of the other sex.  It was hilarious but after awhile I was amazed at how much dough people were willing to lay down to get their side to win!  Twenty-dollar bills were getting thrown down!  Well, the guys won.  Which probably means, the guys lost because they spent the most money.  I didn’t see that coming.  My favorite part of the night was when the pianists began playing songs everyone knew and the whole bar lit up in a sing-along.  Great stuff.  Afterward we went to this hipster house party where I most definitely did not fit.  One hip 27 year old told me I looked like paul rudd and I knew immediately that I was not accepted into their cool ways.

Class this morning was pretty awesome and quite different.  It was two hours and the professor talked the entire time!  Holy ShI$#!  Not to worry though, I listened to 14 hours of  podcast/Allen Bloom lectures on the drive down so I have the attention muscles all beefed up and ready for learning.  It also helped that the professor (for they truly are professors here, that is, they profess) showed how metaphysics are founded in language. “Duh dude, didn’t you read Aristotle?”  No I didn’t say that, but it was still interesting to listen to him and I’m pretty excited about attacking Ancient Greek in earnest this time.

After class I went grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping in a big city = PAIN IN THE ASS.  So many freaking people I thought I was going to get kidnapped and sold into slave-walmart-labor.  But now I have lots of delicious food.

Anyway, this is the first installment of “Doing Academia,” thanks for listening!


Cole Simmons


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