First Week!

10 Jun

I have survived he first week of class!  And done quite well if I do say so myself.  Two days ago Dr. Sweet assigned 6 English sentences that we were to translate into Greek.  Naturally I actually did the homework.  I did the work because I actually want to learn Greek this time around but it also because I subconsciously expected to give evidence of my having done those particular problems.  Not so with some of the other students!  My day of triumph came today when Dr. Sweet announced, “Today we will go to the board! An archaic form of education, I know, but effective.  In my day we used blackboards and chalk!”  He then assigned six people to go to the board and I was one of three students who went up, promptly wrote down what I had written and returned to my seat while the three students left frantically tried to figure out what to write while standing at the board. Fools!  I felt thankful for my St. John’s education.

I also noticed another classroom peculiarity, when my peers wish to speak they raise their hands.  Seriously? We’re not in fifth grade anymore.  I refuse to act in such a mean way and haven’t had any problems.  I’m not even sure that anyone has noticed that I don’t raise my hand.  Hell, I don’t usually notice myself; when I have a question it just comes out of me.  This isn’t to say that I act obnoxious in any way.

For the overwhelming majority of class we all sit silently and listen to Dr. Sweet profess.  He’s particularly fun to listen to when he’s reading out new vocabulary words because he has interesting etymological anecdotes for just about every one of them!  This practice of his is surprisingly helpful because it attaches so many thought to the word, making it much easier to recall.  His lecturing on the grammar is a little more difficult.  I just listen as intently as possible, some of it sticks while the majority passes into subconscious oblivion.  I’m learning the grammar through reading the chapter on my own and by asking pointed questions when he’s discussing that topic during lecture.

In other news, the pretty girl sat beside me today and we talked a little during the break!  I’m pretty sure she’s in love with me.  The other pretty girl in the class wears a huge engagement ring.  In fact, there are a surprising number of married people in my class!  I’ve counted 7 out of twenty-something.  Those crazy Catholics are at it again.

Now I have a three-day weekend.  I think I’ll go look for a part time job and read a lot of books.  And the kids I worked with last year will be getting back from their summer mission trip soon so maybe I’ll see them on Sunday.

Lastly, if anyone hasn’t heard, Patrick Rieder has a blog.


3 Responses to “First Week!”

  1. Cassie J. June 10, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    YAY!!! Back at school again. It is a great feeling for the first month, then you get tired again, but it still feels good. 🙂 Good luck down there in Texas and let me know when you come back for a visit! And you should have taken Steve with you, he’d be your friend. haha.

  2. epithumos June 16, 2010 at 7:46 pm #

    You bastard. I didn’t even notice the last line until re-reading this another day.

  3. Cole June 16, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    haha, take that!

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