Monday Dos

14 Jun

As you can tell I haven’t learned any numbers in Greek.

Today was a pretty fun day, we began verbs and had a quiz.  I’m also getting to know everyone a little bit better.  One skill I’ve learned is talking to new people requires a different tact.  Well, i’ve always known that subconsciously but I’m figuring out in what ways it’s different.  For instance, until I know someone I can’t approach the conversation with any particular end in mind, ie,  wanting to talk about a particular subject.  This often leads to awkward breaks in a conversation, because I’ll ask a question often times with a certain end in mind because I expect it to take the conversation in x-direction.  But this often fails and then I’m at a loss.  I’m more successful when I ask a question and listen intently to what they say, inevitably this will bring to mind another question or an idea that can then be put to them.  You also should be on guard from getting comfortable just answering questions they ask, you should not only answer the question but consider whether or not you should put the same question to them, or whether they might have an opinion about what you say.  Because of this new way of approaching conversation I have really tried to be on my toes, so to speak, in the conversations that I have in order to make the best of them and it seems to be going well, though there are lapses where my mind will be focused on something particular and the conversation may have fallen flat.  In any event, I’ve been improving and I think it shows.  Another important aspect is to remember names, which hasn’t been so difficult because of the reasonable class size (like 21?).  Anyway, I’m off to study those verbs.


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