It’s the small things, that make you miserable.

16 Jun

So you’ll need a little back story on this one.  Two days ago, if someone had seen me get out of my car they would’ve thought, “damn, that guy is crazy.”  I was calmly walking to the door of the house, when I reached in my pocket to get my keys.  I erupted in profanity as a sharp pain raced up my finger into my hand.  One of the pencils in my pocket was upside down and as I put my hand in the pocket the tip of the pencil thrust itself under my fingernail.  Needless to say I was pissed the rest of the day.

Well I was unsure of whether or not the tip had broken off or if the dark spot was just blood.  I was laying down reading Heidegger (I have been a reading machine since moving down here.) when I noticed blood dripping from the same fingernail; it had reached the edge.  I went to the bathroom and drained the blood only to confirm that there was indeed lead trapped underneath the nail and that it hadn’t moved an inch.

I sterilized a sowing needle by running really hot water over it.  Then proceeded to dig the offending lead (graphite, whatever…) out from underneath the nail.  I have never experienced a task so frustrating in all my life.  Not only did it hurt to no end but the stupid lead would only move side to side.  Finally after 15 minutes or so I was able to get behind it and bring it out.  Instant relief.

In other news I haven’t been sleeping well and that has been frustrating.  Last night I awoke at 5am and honest to god my first thought was, “are geneticists considered biologists?  They should be but I don’t think they are.”  After wrestling with this obvious residual dream thought I finally came fully awake and thought to myself, “what am I doing awake?”  I spent another twenty minutes in a haze, trying to figure out why my back pain was returning.  Eventually I decided it was because I wasn’t standing enough and that I ought to buy a podium to read from.

Seriously, all that transpired.  It’s amazing how little control you have over your thoughts or actions when you’re half asleep.  You honestly think all you thoughts are rational, but everything is over exaggerated.  Anyway, I’m off to bed.  Hopefully tonight treats me better.


One Response to “It’s the small things, that make you miserable.”

  1. afb June 17, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    sucks about your finger, remind me to tell you about something related when we next talk.

    the good news is that geneticists ARE considered biologists and also phylogenetics is an awesome, awesome field of study.

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