Thank You, Public Education

22 Jun

Dr. Sweet explained today that the book we’re using should gives the vocabulary necessary to reading Xenophon’s, anabasis.  I almost wet myself with joy.  What I love about Dr. Sweet, aside from his ridiculous knowledge of Greek is that everything relating to Ancient Greek prompts some anecdote in his head.  After he told us the book was prep for reading Xenophon he asked us if we knew why.  When we naturally had no idea why that particular work was picked he was happy to explain: our book was first published in 1940.  Dr. Sweet happily explained that anyone bound for higher education learned Greek before they came to college.  This was a book for young boys, around 11-16, so the authors thought that after finishing working through a boring textbook young boys would want to read about a war and great battles.

Something tells me that quantity doesn’t equal quality and that graduating high school isn’t what it used to be.


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