Mumble Mumble

1 Jul

Very often Dr. Sweet will mumble, usually the things he’s mumbling to himself while at the board are little anecdotes that I think he finds amusing.  It’s unclear to me why he speaks them in such a quiet voice.  Each night for homework we translate English sentences to Greek then put them on the board the following day.  Today someone put translated “soldier” in the feminine.  As Dr. Sweet was correcting it he mumbled the following: “That would be an Amazon.  Crazy women who fought on horseback and they would not be soldiers located in Persia.  It’s said they only ate raw meat.  They would put it under their saddles to warm it up and just… cruise around.”

I think three people heard it, because only three people laughed.

In any event, sorry I haven’t posted much this week; life has been hectic.  I believe I’ve regained composure and hope to post more diligently.


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