AhhgHHghH, What is This Thing You call a TEST?

9 Jul

So tomorrow I take my first final exam in 5 years.  I’m going a little crazy.  Today I spent six hours in the library and I feel like there is so much more I need to cover.  I am about to attempt to cover it in the next 3-4 hours.  Unfortunately, I’m exhausted.  On the upside, the exam has really given me the opportunity to get closer with a couple of the guys from class.  I’ve been doing some studying with the one Catholic guy I mentioned in a n earlier post, a St. John’s grad alum, and a cute girl who until last weekend was engaged.   (I consider myself queued up.)  It’s been a pretty crazy week, but I’ve enjoyed it.  Another discovery is the dining hall.  The food is good enough and it’s only 6$.  The best part is a couple of us have started going an a semi-regular basis after class.  It’s a little added social/study time to my day.  Well, off to hit the Greek. Wish me luck.


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