The Constant Man

17 Jul

I had some friends over tonight to hang out, drink some beer, and have some conversation.  We ended the night by watching Tombstone because they had not seen it before.  I have that curious desire to show people what I find attractive.  A couple of days ago I watched that movie for the first time in years and immediately fell back in love with it.  So naturally, I wanted other people to love it as well.

I should warn you, I am quite inebriated.  But since my guests have left I have had time to reflect upon why Doc Holliday is so damn attractive of a personality.  I decided it’s because he is both unchanging and not what one would call normal.  One of his final lines of the movie runs, “There is no normal life Wyatt, just life.”  This sentiment, coupled that constancy of spirit which causes Holliday to proclaim near the end, “My hypocrisy only goes so far” truly makes him an ideal.

I, unfortunately, do not possess that powerful conviction which only allows me to be one person.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m playing too many roles and truly possess no particular me.  I wonder if this isn’t the condition of modern men in general or if I am only an unfortunate specimen.  The general lack of conviction I notice in most people leads me to hope that I am not alone, but one cannot truly peer inside the soul of another and see the conflict that rages on unnoticed by the outside observer.

In any event, I can find solace in the knowledge that I know that the Doc Holliday I watched and felt so enamored by was played by a man who not only lacks that constancy of spirit he so artfully portrayed but is an actor by profession and makes a living out of putting on a character that has little to do with his internal soul.  Yet, this is no solace!  What if there are no complete and therefore constant men?  How detestable if we were all actors?  No, I’d rather be one inconstant individual in bad company than have no possibility of a Doc Holliday.


One Response to “The Constant Man”

  1. OneWhoBlesses July 26, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    You wrote this while drunk? Impressive.

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