Class Discussion? Don’t Be Silly.

18 Jul

So this was a fun week for class, and I’m sorry I haven’t sat down and written it all up.  We got the Test back Wednesday and it appears that I received an A, but it’s really unclear how he grades or the total value of the tests.  He said that anything below a -20 was an A and I got -18.  Not a number I’m proud of but apparently was quite good.  So, I really don’t know what to think and to be honest have little to no idea what my final grade was for that class.

This past week I also injected some conversation into the class.  Dr. Sweet had begun talking about intuition as a way of knowing.  I was naturally excited by this topic and interjected a thought and we proceeded to talk about intuition for a bit.  I was really hoping someone else would join us.  The Johnnie alumni did move to the edge of his seat and you could tell he knew what was going on but didn’t get the chance, I guess, to speak.  In fact, nobody spoke but Dr. Sweet and I.  The other students seem to treat my interjection as a question that Dr. Sweet would answer.  Nobody took it for a thought to which they could contribute.

As far as Greek itself goes, we began participles this week. (and I aced that quiz!)  The Greek participle has far more uses than the English participle, which makes translating it difficult.  We only spent three days on it and I know that I have a great deal more to learn before I’m really comfortable with it.  Tomorrow we begin the Optative.  I remember it as a sort of future mood but that’s about it.

I hope your Sunday is relaxing and that you begin your week on a good note.


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