How Exciting

21 Jul

The class list is out for the fall and it made me so happy to be back in school.  I think I read over it three times and even made myself an imaginary schedule with non-conflicting times and days.  I’m hoping, praying, that the classes are available.  Not excited yet?  Let me give you the rundown:

Plato’s Republic – Jonathan Culp (St. John’s College Alumnus)

Aristotle’s Politics – Leo Paul De Alvarez (Listed Expertise: Thucydides, Politics and The Bible*, Shakespeare, Aristotle & Plato, Machiavelli) *bold lettering mine.

The American Founding – Thomas West (Recent courses taught: The Political Philosophy of Locke, Leo Strauss’ Political Philosophy, The Enlightenment and Liberal Democracy)

Intermediate Greek – Karl Maurer

None of that sounds boring and I’m overwhelmingly confident that I can handle any material on these subjects they can throw in front of me.  Intermediate Greek will be the toughest and inevitably will cause the most tears.


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