I’m Working On It.

20 Aug

Sorry I haven’t written for such a long period of time.  I’ve moved into a new apartment and we don’t have internet.  Things are going really well down here, though.  I’ve been reading large amounts of material pertinent to the coming year and am really excited to get into the class room.  The professor I have for ‘The American Founding,’ Dr. West, wrote a book published in ’97 titled, ‘Vindicating the Founders.’  I read that yesterday and almost, only almost, found myself assenting to this Lockean form of liberal democracy.  West was very convincing in his arguments for why this system is best and I would heartily recommend the book to both conservatives and liberals alike.  My sticking point, by the end of the work, was the complete absence of excellence as a political end.  It just isn’t mentioned or given consideration!  I’m in the library right now, that’s why I can post.  I’m going to check out a book of Calhoun’s philosophy titled, ‘Union and Liberty.’  West’s book forced me to question most of my political sympathies for the South, I was even impressed by the Lincoln quotes he inserted into the book.  I almost don’t know if the South’s antebellum political philosophy is salvageable.  Did they, those Southern gentlemen, strive for excellence?  Was their Religion actual religion?  This year I’ll be giving alot of thought to the American Founding, which is one of my classes and I’ll be tracing the roots of 20th Century Progressive Thought, which is another class I’m taking.  Essentially, I think the prevailing sentiment at UDallas is that the founding was noble and sought to inculcate a true Republican Virtue but that the nation’s intellectuals around the beginning of the 20th Century began to adopt German Progressive views which then re-defined our notions of Liberty and Equality, which opened the door for the New Liberalism we see today.  Anyway, I’m doing well.  I’m knee deep in academic life and it hasn’t even started in earnest!  Oh, and I’m part timing at the UDallas bookstore!  It’s not as nice as the St. John’s bookstore, but it’s not too bad and I get a 10% discount.  I’m off to find Calhoun.  I miss you all and wish I could transport you down here to read books with me.




One Response to “I’m Working On It.”

  1. Paul Thompson August 23, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    Also not as nice as playing Risk at Gotta Run.

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