I Have The Internet

5 Sep

I am inebriated (by exhaustion, alcohol, melancholy, all three – you’ll never know!  Though if I were a betting man…) but I now have the internet again and therefore the capability of writing blog posts, which will now occur regularly.  You’re quite welcome!  In any event, life is going well.  My two roommates and I are struggling to find moderation, obviously tonight is not a good example.  We’ve decided to forego weekday drinking and have, to our great credit, abstained from frivolous parties.  Yet, we are a Catholic an Eastern Orthodox and (your’s truly) a Protestant and tend to stay up quite late plumbing the depths.  It’s been fantastic, though I’ll regret it tomorrow morning and feel the weighty shame of ‘wasting’ a large chunk of time and probably sleeping through church.  Though, we’ve decided to start a discussion group; that could be interesting.  I won’t tell you about the classes I’ve taken yet – but only to hold in you in suspense and bring you back another day!  The people in the politics department are wonderful and we’ve enjoyed several late night discussions about our wonderful American Republic.  All my prior convictions are under attack, that is, I seem to have the progressive taint inherited from the German philosophers.  While I claim to be conservative I am apparently not in the classically American sense.  Classically American, what an oxymoron.  In any event, I am facing some of the strongest challenges to my opinion because they are coming from people who seemingly hold many of the same opinions I do about the Republic of ours but tacitly accuse me of coming by those opinions and holding those opinions for the wrong reasons.  How troublesome!  I am terrified of Dr. West’s class because over the past two years I’ve worked to establish my conservatism on what I thought was a very original, original because it was classical, basis.  I’m finding that a whole slew of professors have and are doing the exact same thing but only more articulately  and what’s even more disturbing is that the program I’m in rejects all of those professors.  So in two weeks time I’ve discovered the ground I thought to breaking has been trodden and not only that, everyone in the department seems to think that class of conservatism bases itself on the wrong foundation!  What is a young ambitious person to think?  Wither shall I turn?  I know.  I’ll plunge directly into this new, more moderate, conservatism.  In this search I hope to discover a fullness that is not only compelling but moderate and maybe, just maybe, I won’t seem like a crazy person.  (which, by the way, my thoughts are.)  Plunging in, though, I remain skeptical, and if I don’t find this new Lincolnian conservatism fitting I reserve the right (and that’s the crux, no?  Those damnable ‘rights of man’) to cling to my German Idealism, apparently the new American Progressivism of the Virginian, President Woodrow Wilson.  But even in saying that, only being exposed to these new formulations of West, Miller and De Alvarez, I feel the absurdity of the prior sentence.  America is wonderful, her foundations beautiful (if not true) and who am I to presume a correction?  Even if I did it would be nothing new!  Nothing noteworthy.  No ambition could be satiated, thank goodness the temptation of ‘originality’ has been removed.  What a ridiculous disposition we middle class people have towards ‘being original.’  Everyone wants it!  Well, it’s past 4:30 in the am.  I am off to sleep.  Goodnight all.
Oh So Sincerely,

Cole Simmons


2 Responses to “I Have The Internet”

  1. Krech September 5, 2010 at 6:46 am #

    All great blog posts should start with those three words.

  2. CrystalSpins September 5, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    What a constructive way to spend your time while inebriated. I was inebriated last night and i found myself sending dirty text messages with the energy of the spirits. Good luck with your search for and struggles with satisfying ideology.

    Methinks nothing has befallen you except “what is common to man.”


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