Absurdities By The Lack of Sunlight

16 Sep

I don’t know what it is that animates me.  Do I love the best in man or is it an attempt to project, impose, myself on man?  Either way, it’s exhausting – everything’s personal.  Every idea, every event, every foolish thing someone says, but also every beautiful thing one beholds.  One constantly feels abject and wretched or absolutely thrilled at the discovery of that nobility of human nature.  But maybe it’s the night that drives me to such immoderate thoughts?  Detached and wandering, not traveling in known places but fighting with others, represented by their notions and not by their presence, or with oneself.  That’s what makes me worry, is it all just me?  How upsetting if that’s the case.  Part of me enjoys this absurdity, goodness, I’m making a public profession of the absurdity – I must enjoy it.  In any event, (I like that phrase don’t I?) I saw something beautiful today at it was nice.  I felt light and happy, having lived well and witnessed beauty.  And yet, I’m utterly frustrated by foolish speech, I was also told how narrow minded I am.  I wanted to scream, I loved your form today, you human; I loved it!  That love was expressed in that narrow mindedness I just spoke but you did not see.  Now you make me think how foolish your form is, all within the span of hours.

I think I will go to bed.


5 Responses to “Absurdities By The Lack of Sunlight”

  1. CrystalSpins September 16, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    These articles made me think of you yesterday and I wondered what you would think of them…

    The Money of Fools: http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/2010/09/sowell-the-money-of-fools.php

    The Money of Fools — Part II: http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/2010/09/sowell-the-money-of-fools—part-ii.php

    And your phrase, “represented by their notions and not by their presence” made me think of them again.

    And Sowell wrote a third today.

    The Money of Fools — Part III:http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/2010/09/sowell-the-money-of-fools—part-iii.php

  2. Cole September 16, 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    I like in particular his call for citizens to make a distinction between political speech and its intentions. But when he launches into the usual argumentation concerning issues of today I find that his thinking misses the point and is erratic. For instance, he is discussing rhetoric surrounding health-care, then all of a sudden we’re talking about taxation (one can see the connection, though it is not explicitly made, nor was the first topic exhausted, so why jump to a new one?). He leads one to believe that both government run healthcare, and wealth-redistribution are bad. Yet he does so by pointing out the vagueness of their language. So what? That has nothing to do with the principles. If If were a thoughtful socialist I would simply make the case, “that’s all well and good Mr. Sowell, you’re correct, we’ll have to tighten up the language of legislation, but we plan to continue solving society’s ills in the same manner. And you’re right, we should be more honest with the civilians.” That is not to say I don’t agree with Sowell, but editorialist tactics are all very similar to this sort of bait and switch, that is, tie the opposing ideology to it’s popular manifestation and blow it to hell. Unfortunately, the popular manifestation of both party ideologies is ridiculous and the rhetoric nauseating. This is good news for editorialists because it keeps them in business. Not that they aren’t useful to the body politic, they do serve the purpose of keeping the political rhetoric somewhat honest, but they never strike it at its roots. I don’t know if this is from inability or for marketability.

    • Cole September 16, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

      But Sowell is correct, political rhetoric is misleading. Obama (basically every politician today) has over-extended the government and there will be grievous consequences, most notable in the habits of the citizen body. We are growing accustomed to the forfeiture of self-rule.

  3. DBP September 16, 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    Girl problems?

    • Cole September 16, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

      haha, no. no girls to have problems about! All school, all the time.

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