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A Typical Blog Post

19 Oct

*Insert numerous empty words here.*

*talk about health and sex*

*disavow anything your parents might have thought*

*flurry of emptiness*


Awkward Interaction

17 Oct

So I was doing laundry yesterday.  Now, I’m a constant sufferer of having socks fall out of my laundry basket as I go to and from the laundry room.  It just happens, and I know I’m not alone on this one.  Even if I really make sure everything is secure a sock sometimes finds its way out and onto the ground.  The only sure remedy I’ve found is to pay close attention to the basket so I can either stop something from falling out or at least notice when it does.

I was walking down the stairs (our apartment is on the second floor) and my mind was off somewhere else.  When I turn the corner there was one of our Mexican neighbors who live directly below us, walking towards her door.  She startled me because I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. Here was the thought process immediately following: “why was I so easily startled?  Well, it was because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to anything around me.  Crap, I bet I dropped a sock.”  Immediately after this thought I look back to see if any clothing had slipped out.  The Mexican girl mistook this look as a double-take, that is, as me giving her a one over.  She, in a gruff tone said, “what are you looking at.” Again, I was startled.  I gave her a quizzical look, quickly turned around and walked to the laundry room.

Texting Queen

12 Oct

So, I met this girl three weeks ago.  She’s pretty, we had a good deal in common and so we hung out a couple times with our respective groups of friends.   Unfortunately, I rapidly started receiving aimless text messages.  Many many times I would get messages that wholly consisted of “Hey” and my reaction was, “what the hell am I supposed to say?”  Seriously, that text message obviously means that the person wants to have a chat through text messages.  I hate text messages.  I called her 4 times over a period of two weeks and she never picked up, but like clockwork, I would get a text message 15 minutes later “you called? what’s up?”  Texting is convenient for some things, but very few and especially not for conversation.  It’s been a week since I’ve seen her but I’ll still get those text messages, generally with no intention of hanging out but solely to text.  One night I was trying to hang out and we had been texting about it for like 15 minutes (doesn’t that just sound stupid?) but it was completely unclear what her intentions were.  So I called and complained and she called me back and then we went out with friends.  But since then it’s still text, text, text, “hey.”  It’s driving me crazy.  I haven’t answered her texts in two days; I just threw in the towel.

If your an habitual texter, you may not want to read the following but you should.  You can’t have a text conversation and be amenable to conversation, walking, watching movies or just plain company.  If you’re in a social setting don’t try to have a convo over the mobile – it’s annoying.  Furthermore, if you want to talk to someone then call them, email them, go spend time with them.  No one want’s the boring half of your brain or the absence of your presence and if they do, they’re boring.  I’m not trying to be immoderate, of course texts can be appropriate for some situations; they can also be convenient.  But please, act with prudence.  If you want to be somewhere else, go there.  If you want to get to know someone, use your words.  I can say in two minutes what half an hour of texting will accomplish.  People are far more interesting when they’re fully engaged.  Furthermore, if you miss someone’s presence but aren’t able to talk on the phone because of work, class, etc. don’t text them; miss them.  It’s good for you.

Only In America

10 Oct

Nihilism for the betterment of your life.

Graduate Mixer

9 Oct

Last night there was a graduate mixer in the upper floor of the dining hall, free food and beer.  While there, many things about the politics program became clear to me.  For starters, the politics students are seriously in a world unto ourselves.  At one point, near the beginning of the night, we were spread out somewhat throughout all the other grad students.  But rather quickly we found ourselves all congregated on the balcony away from everyone else. I mean, my conversations inside literally scared people away.  The first one was about Locke in relation to Aristotle.  Francis, John and I were moving at a good clip when a guy sat down, presumably to join the conversation.  I told him what we were talking about to bring him up to speed.  Within a minute he left to go get another beer and never came back.  Later, the same thing occurred when a group of us were talking about Aristotle’s characterization of Hippodamus.  I counted two people who approached, then promptly turned to another social outlet.  By the end of the night, like I said, we were all on the porch outside and long after most everyone else had left we stood there talking and drinking up the free drinks.  That, to my eyes, displays a deficiency in the other students.  It’s Friday night, you’re at a place giving you free beer and food and you left early?  Really?

All in all last night was fun and the conversations lasted quit awhile.  The usual guys came back to the apartment for poker but then, out of no-where, other people who had been at the mixer showed up.  There were probably 12 people in the apartment last night.  There was a dilemma raging inside of me because I wanted to play poker but also be a good host.  At first, they basically just sat there and glumly watched us play poker.  Being naturally quick-witted, I knew how to cheer them up and give them something to do.  I told them the Shell was still open, “go buy beer.  That’ll give you something to do.”  Instant success.  We came off as good hosts because they enjoyed themselves and received more free beer.  (please, hold your applause until the end)

Oh, I don’t really have anything else to say.  I lost at poker?  No revelatory surprise there.  Tonight I’m going to hang out with John Pascarella in Denton. Probably watching more Jane Austen, BBC style.  As a final note, I’m currently reading a book by the name of The Red and The Black; it was recommended to me along the lines that I like both Rousseau and Jane Austen.  I was told, and I affirm the characterization, that it offered the social and psychological insights of Austen but is far more manly.  So, if you have the constitution to face psychology unlaced by Austen’s niceties, then you should check it out.

I’m off to do homework; have a nice Saturday.