Awkward Interaction

17 Oct

So I was doing laundry yesterday.  Now, I’m a constant sufferer of having socks fall out of my laundry basket as I go to and from the laundry room.  It just happens, and I know I’m not alone on this one.  Even if I really make sure everything is secure a sock sometimes finds its way out and onto the ground.  The only sure remedy I’ve found is to pay close attention to the basket so I can either stop something from falling out or at least notice when it does.

I was walking down the stairs (our apartment is on the second floor) and my mind was off somewhere else.  When I turn the corner there was one of our Mexican neighbors who live directly below us, walking towards her door.  She startled me because I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. Here was the thought process immediately following: “why was I so easily startled?  Well, it was because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to anything around me.  Crap, I bet I dropped a sock.”  Immediately after this thought I look back to see if any clothing had slipped out.  The Mexican girl mistook this look as a double-take, that is, as me giving her a one over.  She, in a gruff tone said, “what are you looking at.” Again, I was startled.  I gave her a quizzical look, quickly turned around and walked to the laundry room.


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