An Explanation

2 Nov

That prayer came out of my head last night; it was late and I wasn’t very focused.  It should be noted that what was displayed, The Candid Prayer, was in fact not candid but consisted of parts which I had noticed in the course of the prayer and drew amusement from.  Truthfully, most of my time praying doesn’t involve me blatantly bringing up contradictions through asserting different desires and feelings.  One might even consider prayer as useful in this respect, that is, prayer is a narrowing of the desires and an obvious validation of some.  It orders the soul and  acts as a validation of desire because otherwise you wouldn’t petition God for the fulfillment of it and once it’s validated through prayer you feel impelled to act upon it.  As things are, sometimes your actions may seem odd because your desires are often conflicting and we can look at prayer as a way of either consciously working out what desires are worthy or a subconscious way of having certain desires validated for us.  For instance, if one were not self-reflective and sat down to pray, only certain thoughts and longings are brought before God and, at least consciously, you will pursue.  So for the reflective and non-reflective alike, prayer prunes the desire tree, so to speak.  It orders the chaotic subconscious or outright defeats it and allows us to act.


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