Rain Rain, Go Away

3 Nov

It has now rained for more than 24 hours straight.  At first the rain was kind of nice but the longer I stayed cooped up indoors the less productive I became and the deeper into misery I sank.

I’m about to go to Greek class, yet it is still raining.    Thankfully, I borrowed an umbrella yesterday so will get to class without much fuss.  But with papers a couple weeks off and another midterm looming in the distance I have to pull myself out of this weather induced lethargy.

My plan, and I hope you approve, is to take my work with me to campus and let the rain hole me up in the library rather than my room.  I’ll probably end up eating my arm for lack of food but it simply cannot be helped.  I hope all of you friends further North are experiencing better weather.

I was also thinking about how much we talk about the weather and how much we talk about our excessive talking about the weather.  It’s almost a way to say, “well, this conversation has grown dull, we’ve resorted to the weather.  Maybe if I point that out the conversation will pick up!”  No, it doesn’t.  The weather is probably more interesting and it’s usually not a good idea to point out how boring you’re being.

There is a line from Sense and Sensibility that I liked and sort of remember.  “If you have nothing appropriate to say you will please restrict your remarks to the weather.”


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