Happy Sunday

13 Feb

(The movie is marginally distorted at the beginning. It quickly clears up.)

Ian has a Netflix account, and we spent out friday night watchign Fry and Laurie episodes. I enjoyed this skit and thought I’d share it.

In other news, I’m a worthless blogger while at school. I suppose I’ll keep limping along with this blog doing 1 maybe 2 posts a week. It’s not going to get better than that folks. Unlike last year, I live amongst people and work doesn’t end at 5p.

As far as classes, have I even spoken of what they are? Well, by far my favorite lectures of the week come from the class I’m not taking but sitting in on. Dr. de Alvarez is teaching Thucydides and it’s been wonderful. He might be the most impressive reader I’ve ever encountered. Studying one book over one semester has definitely been the most rewarding part of graduate school. Unfortunately we missed like a million hours of class because of snow. But, hopefully they’ll add some classes on? probably not. I’d be happy if they just cut me a check for each class missed.

Hmmm. Anything else? Well, Mike Hamilton posted a response on his blog to my immigration post. You should check it out if you’re interested. The link is in the comments section of the post on immigration. I’ll be posting another disagreement I have with libertarians sometime this week.

Maybe I’ll have more thoughts to share this week. I’ve wanted to get the blog back up to last years standards but then there is school. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy the Fry and Laurie. Until next time I remain




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