Back in Texas

14 Mar

It was a long and arduous journey. The trip began Saturday with a ride up to College Park Maryland. While there I spent time with some amazing people, which caused me not to sleep. The clock suddenly shed an hour and we I found myself being driven to the airport at 4am. I slept during the first flight, and was talked to during the second.

Upon arriving at the apartment I found my bed room in disorder and proceeded to clean – I felt like a zombie. Did my homework and went to bed at 9 o’clock. Today has been, all in all, a far superior day. I reflected on how nice it was to see the people I loved over break and eat so much delicious food.But I was also very happy at finding myself in a nicer climate and again living a more ordered existence. Especially to be back in the classroom and reading books.

Speaking of class, there was a prospective student in my Bible and Political Order class. St. John’s tells their prospective students not to talk while they are sitting-in. I have always felt that was a good policy but our prospie today felt obliged to ask question after question. Dr. de Alvarez ended the questioning by saying, “that is right, though I don’t know what you are saying.”

In other news, we went shopping and are now rich in edibles. We also acted on an earlier resolution to stop shopping at Wal-Mart. While the superstore is not filled with such disgusting people in other places, here in Irving it’s horrific. We realized that after every trip to Wal-Mart we left in a bad mood and with low thoughts of man. “Did you see…” “Oh my goodness could you believe…” “What made her think…” “Was that boy his son or…”

Essentially, we decided to pay for better moods and a happier outlook regarding our fellow man. We also bought lots of juice. It’s going to be a pretty good week.


2 Responses to “Back in Texas”

  1. "Gentleman" Jake March 14, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    Fruit juice plays a major role in the American childhood obesity problem. “Hey guys, let’s throw away the fiber and most of the nutrients and put all the sugar and water in a little box.”
    Ironically, all the extra sugar making kids fat can also have the opposite effect. Some children drink so much juice that they become full and do not eat enough real food so they don’t have the required nutrients to grow, causing the ill-defined condition “failure to thrive.”
    In conclusion juice = bad.
    Thank you.

    • Cole March 14, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

      You disgust me.

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